Boston University / CLA
Computer Science Dept

GRS/CS-835(B1): Real-Time Systems Seminar

DateTopic Presenter
01/18/96 Course Overview and Introduction to Real-Time Computing Azer Bestavros
01/25/96 Scheduling and Resource Management for Real-Time Systems Azer Bestavros
02/01/96 Real-Time Databases Azer Bestavros
02/08/96 Specification, Verification, and Programming Techniques Azer Bestavros
02/22/96 Distributed Scheduling and RT Communication Azer Bestavros
03/21/96 Admission Control for Real-Time Databases Sue Nagy
03/28/96 The RTP Real-Time Communication Protocol Nagendra
03/28/96 Minimizing Jitter Through Forward Erasure Correction Keith Kim
04/04/96 Distributed Real-Time Systems Hyunyoung Lee
04/04/96 Ada 95 Real-Time Annex John Casebolt
04/18/96 Scientific Databases Paul Dell
04/18/96 Issues in Real-Time Databases Nalaka Edirisinghe
04/25/96 ATM Communication Technology (?) Alia Atlas
04/25/96 Challenge Problems Azer Bestavros

Created on: January 15, 1996 Updated on: March 18, 1996 Maintainer: Azer Bestavros