BU CAS CS 530: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2016

Course Policy


(1) Homework assignments, about 40% of final grade.

(2) 2 quizzes (one hour), about 20%.

(3) Final (two hours), about 40%.

Final grade for the course is based on a "curve", though it is possible that the average final grade for the whole class will be an A- or a B+ just as it is possible that it will be a C or a C-.

Schedule of Homework Assignments:

You will be given about 2 weeks to do each assignment, Assignments turned in late will be heavily penalized. Typically you will loose 10% per day for late work.

Collaboration in Homework Assigments:

Accepted, provided it is acknowledged. If you have a joint solution for a homework problem, mention the name of your partner at the beginning of the solution you hand in.

Resist Temptation ! Solutions should not be searched for on the Internet and solutions should not be copied from the Internet, or from any textbook,.... On the other hand doing extra reading from the Internet, or any other source, is encouraged.

Problems should be written up individually, even if the solution was a collaboration.

Work Expected from Average Student:

3 hours of lecture per week + maybe 8 hours of studying on your own per week (reviewing lecture notes, homework problems, additional material) -- for a total of 11 hours per week.

Assaf Kfoury and S. Homer
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