CS 535 Course News - Fall, 2010

10--20--10: The midterm will be on Tuesday, November 2 in class.

HW #4 is now due on Thursday, Oct 28.

9--7--10: Homework 0 is due on Thursday, 9/9/

For the reading, please try to read at least the first part of chapter 2 for Thursday as we will begin to talk about Turing machines then.

A couple of comments on the homework prompted by question during and after class.

1. Problem 1b. should be, How many elements (not words) are in P(L^3) ? Strictly speaking asking "How many words..." makes sense too but it is more difficult and somewhat misleading.

2. In hindsight, Problem 1.6 (page 9) is too difficult to ask in the first week. If you can do it - great - but don't spend too much time on it.

If you like you can try to do 1.5 instead. It is not as long or as difficult.

9--1--10: The first homework assignment, HW 0, is due on September 9.

The final is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15 at 9:00 - the first time for finals. .