Student Travel Awards

A limited number of student travel awards are available through sponsors of HotWeb 2006. The purpose of these awards is to encourage graduate student participation in the HotWeb by partially funding the travel and registration costs of graduate students, who would otherwise be unable to attend. As such, preference for grants will be given to students who satisfy one or more of the following example criteria:

  • Student authors of papers submitted but not included in the program

  • Student co-authors of accepted papers who are not making the presentation at the conference

  • Students in very early stages of their PhD studies without alternate means of support

Application Process

To apply for a student travel award, two letters must be submitted, one from the student applying for the travel award, and a supporting letter from the student's advisor.

  • The student's letter should include a short (maximum one page) vita, containing basic information such as degrees earned, current affiliations, relevant coursework and grades, and any other information the student feels is relevant to support their application. In addition, the letter should include a brief summary of research interests and accomplishments and how the student would benefit from attending HotWeb 2006 (including which areas in the program would impact the student's research). Students should demonstrate a serious interest in the subject matters of the conference, evidenced by recent coursework and projects.

  • The student advisor's letter should confirm that the student is a PhD candidate in good standing and should comment on the strengths and potential contributions of the student. Furthermore, the letter should indicate how the student would benefit from attending HotWeb 2006, the suitability of the technical program to the student's research area, and why the student is in need of a travel grant. If the applicant is a co-author on an accepted paper, the student advisor's letter must specify whether other co-authors will be attending the conference and presenting the work.

Both of the above letters should be send via email (no snail mail will be accepted or considered) to the General Chair, Azer Bestavros at best (at) bu (dot) edu.

The deadline for application is September 15, 2006.