ACM National Compiler Infrastructure Birds of a Feather at PLDI '97

Sunday, June 15th, 7:00 PM

Alexis Parker Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

(Conference Hotel, Room to be announced)

The time has finally arrived! After many proposals and reports from the compiler community, a common compiler infrastructure is now being funded by ARPA and NSF to help compiler researchers. The purpose of this infrastructure is to:

This BOF will describe the infrastructure that is being funded. Dr. Jack Davidson (University of Virginia) and Dr. Monica Lam (Stanford University) will describe their components of the infrastructure. Then, the floor will be opened up for comments and input from the compiler community.

For this infrastructure to work, input is needed from you!!!

Check the bulletin board at PLDI for more details!

For additional information/questions, contact:

Jack Davidson (
Monica Lam (

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National Compiler Infrastructure BOF at PLDI'97 / Young-il Choo
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