ACM SIGPLAN Student Travel Grant for PLDI'97

SIGPLAN has funding available to help PLDI student applicants who is to present a paper. Each travel grant will pay for registration fees, accommodations and/or travel expenses. PAC expects the applicants' institutions to help defray the cost of funding students.

It is essential that applicants pay strict attention to the application submission requirements listed below, since failure to do so delays consideration of the application. Applications should be made ahead of time, in particular to permit taking advantage of inexpensive fares. Send applications at least three months before the activity is to begin.

The committee listed below will review applications and make recommendations to the SIGPLAN Chair who finalizes the awards. Applications must include:

  1. a resume
  2. a description of the activity and its relevance to SIGPLAN
  3. a budget including all available and prospective support, with an endorsement from the applicant's employer or institution (e.g., department chair)
Applications should be submitted in parallel by e-mail to:

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