Some History

I was raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania literally on the banks of the Delaware River, and after high school I took a break from school and worked in my father's aircraft shop drilling rivets, which is not as exciting as it sounds, and so I left to after a year to attend the Berklee School of Music here in Boston, but after a year I returned to Yardley to work on rivets and teach guitar. Many rivets and many lessons later, and after realizing that I did not want to be either a professional rivet-driller or a professional musician, I decided that a practical education would be a good idea, and so I became a Latin and Greek major at Dickinson College and then got an MA in Classics at Tufts University where I studied Augustan Poetry, especially Vergil's Aeneid. I then decided to switch to Computer Science and got my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, writing my thesis on E-Unification with Jean Gallier. After coming to BU in 1987, I taught introductory CS and did research on automated deduction (see my publications page) with students Chris Lynch, Alberto Oliart, and David Durand, and with various colleagues in France and Germany. Now I very much enjoying teaching introductory courses in programming and mathematics, focussing on probability and computing (CS 237) and programming language theory and practice (CS 320).

In addition to my teaching and research, I have always gravitated to administrative work. I have served as Director of Undergraduate Studies in the CS Department for quite some time, when I was not occupied with other duties: I served as chairman of the CS department from 1997 to 2000, and as Associate Dean for Student Academic Life in the College of Arts and Sciences from 2005 to 2010. In September 2010 I returned full-time teaching and administration in the CS department.

After many years living west of Boston, in 2009 I returned to the city, and have lived in Rich Hall as part of the Faculty In Residence program since 2011; I host Math Tutoring with another FIR on Tuesday nights, and host musical events in Rich Hall each semester. A few weekends a month I go to Raleigh to spend time with my girlfriend Liz, her three cats, and her family (Liz is a professional photographer and took the best of the pictures below).

Some Diversions

When I am not doing CS or traveling south, here are some things I am interested in and love to talk about:

Some Photos